About the Organizers

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The organizers of D4: Pharma are Front Line Genomics.

But D4: Pharma is not a genomics meeting. This page explains what we’re up to.

Here’s a note from our founder and CEO, Richard Lumb:

Backstory and Purpose

I’m a scientist myself, with a PhD and background in protein folding.

We were set up in 2014 after the death of my father to a genetically-related illness, and the desire to create something positive from a desperate experience. Our entire business and experience is about putting patients first.

Front Line Genomics is a social business, with a mission to deliver the benefits of new technology and advances to patients faster. We do this not by supporting patients directly, but by helping the people and companies who move the dial for patients - pharma companies, healthcare and academia, as well as technology and investment firms.

We’re based in London, but have a global footprint, with a strong track-record of organising events - particularly in Boston/Cambridge MA.

What Have We Done So Far?

We’ve organized the Festivals of Genomics, which across Boston, California and the UK have attracted over 10,000 attendees globally in the last three years. The London Festival is now the largest genomics meeting in the UK, and the second largest in Europe, with over 2000 attendees.

We also produce free reports, a magazine, webinars and other content, accessible via www.frontlinegenomics.com.

Through the Festivals and other events, we have trialled all sorts of wacky (and not so wacky) formats, designed to engage, educate and deliver true value for attendees. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t - and along the way have worked with some incredible partners and companies.

Innovation, What’s Next, and Looking Beyond Genomics?

We do not organize stereotypical conferences. And we now operate beyond the scope of genomics.

The best way of helping our partners and attendees move forwards is by creating something truly innovative ourselves. With that in mind, we are now launching a series of meetings in challenging, exciting areas - that are designed to help advance attendees through the exchange of new ideas, innovation, solutions and critical thinking. Ultimately, patients are still our main focus.

More recently, we have observed how the genomics community has moved beyond simply focusing on genomics, to the applications of genomics and the melding of genomics data with other sources of intelligence. That includes using new data-led approaches to radically improve the R&D process within pharma companies.

The natural outcome is D4: Pharma.

Get Involved

We always looking for new partners and new ideas. Whether it’s regarding D4: Pharma or another project, get in touch with me via email and I will respond.

In the meantime, enjoy D4: Pharma, and I hope to see you on-site in March 2019.



Richard Lumb PhD, Founder and CEO, Front Line Genomics