Justin H. Johnson.png

Justin H. Johnson, Associate Director and Principal Translational Genomic Scientist, AstraZeneca

Justin is Proven and highly competent engineer, biotechnology manager, and entrepreneur with over 13 years experience in providing intuitive project management, professional leadership, and deep technical understanding on a wide variety of biotechnology and web based projects. 

He is currently Associate Director and Principal Genomic Scientist at AstraZeneca Oncology. He lead a team of IT architects, bioinformaticians, software developers and project managers. They build infrastructure, develop algorithms/workflows and deliver insight to drug project teams within AZ Oncology. 

He was formerly Director of Bioinformatics, Genomic Services and IT at EdgeBio, a CLIA certified Genomics and Bioinformatics Company. There he oversaw the construction of data analysis pipelines and associated automation infrastructure to support Illumina HiSeqs & MiSeq, Ion Torrents, and SOLiD sequencers with associated LIMs systems, in a production environment. His focus was on large scale informatics challenges and engaging his team, collaborations and the community to address these challenges through integrated, open approaches. Previously, He spent 10 years at TIGR and the J. Craig Venter institute.