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Sridevi Ponduru, Associate Medical Director, Takeda

Dr. Ponduru is a formally trained physician and scientist with significant pharmaceutical experience overseeing clinical programs spanning oncology, neurology and rare diseases. Other areas of focus include excellence in targeted therapies, immuno-oncology and leading the Access to Medicine programs. Dr. Ponduru joined Takeda in 2016 as a Global Safety Lead and is responsible for providing strategic safety leadership for the development of cancer therapies. Prior to joining Takeda, she held positions of increased responsibility in clinical drug development at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Alnylam, Biogen and Karyopharm. Dr. Ponduru is a recipient of various prestigious awards including the Multiple Myeloma Research Fellowship Award which enabled her to perform post-doctoral training at the Broad Institute after receiving medical and doctoral degrees at the University of Health Sciences in AP, India and University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA. Her research resulted in the identification of novel class of proteasome inhibitors and HDAC therapies for hematological malignancies. Dr. Ponduru is a strong proponent of advancing patient safety through patient centric care strategies and ensuring that both patient safety and patient experience are the top priority in leading clinical development programs.