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Wendy Cornell, Global Lead, Drug Discovery Technologies, IBM Research

Wendy Cornell is Global Lead for Drug Discovery Technologies in IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Research where she is responsible for a portfolio of projects that leverage AI, simulation, and multiple data types to support molecular design and prioritization. A Fellow of the American Chemical Society, prior to joining IBM in 2016 she led Chemistry Modeling and Informatics teams at Novartis and Merck in the Discovery organizations and a Text Mining and Knowledge Management team at Merck in the Licensing and IT organizations. Her teams built bio-chemo-informatics solutions to assess target druggability, kinase selectability, and off-target effects as well as text informatics workflows to track external preclinical competitive intelligence and extract patterns from safety assessment reports, all in support of molecular design and pipeline decisions. Wendy has a PhD in Biophysics from UCSF and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.