Pre-Conference Day | October 15th

Our pre-conference workshops are taking place on October 15th, being delivered by representatives from AstraZeneca and BioInfi, formally GSK.

WORKSHOP 1: A crash course in AI for leadership teams in pharma - 9:00 - 12:00

This crash course will simplify key AI concepts to help leadership teams to connect the dots in the value chain in their organization. The course will help you appreciate the hype and hope areas of AI, which should further enable you to make the right strategic decisions for drug development at your organization. In short, the course will both demystify AI and debunk AI myths that prevent organizations from moving forward in making the right decisions.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Move beyond definitions of AI & ML and truly understand their application and value for drug R&D

  • Discover the current developments and focus of AI & ML for drug R&D, along with when and where to implement these advanced analytical tools to your drug R&D strategy

  • Grasp how to select the correct external partners, and learn how to get decision-makers to greenlight your AI & ML driven R&D projects

  • Discuss and find the solution to your biggest AI-based issue in the session’s AI Think Tank

You will leave this workshop having mastered the true meanings and ROI of AI & ML applications, and in a prime position to design and implement advanced analytics into your drug R&D strategy.

Workshop Leader: Bino John, Associate Director, AstraZeneca

Biography: Bino John, PhD, currently leads a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiatives at AstraZeneca (AZ). As an Associate Director at AZ, he is leveraging Deep learning and other advanced AI approaches to accelerate Drug development. Before joining AZ in 2018, Bino led a variety of computational biology initiatives and teams at Dow and then Dow-DuPont. In those roles, his efforts included enabling machine learning/AI and integrative big-data informatics capabilities for genomics research for the Agricultural Sector. He earned an Integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai) in 2000 and subsequently received his PhD from The Rockefeller University in Biomedical Sciences in 2003. His thesis research in computational structural biology with Dr. Andrej Sali was followed by postdoctoral studies in computational genomics with Dr. Chris Sander at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre. In 2005, Bino joined the University of Pittsburgh as a faculty, where he focused on using high-throughput methods for cancer biomarker discovery, resulting in the discovery of novel molecules and molecular pathways.

WORKSHOP 2: An executable roadmap to data-driven drug target identification and drug repurposing that will align with your business strategy - 1:00 - 4:00

Pankaj Agarwal, with 20+ years of comprehensive pharmaceutical bioinformatics experience, will walk you through a practical guide on how to best utilize bioinformatics tools and algorithms to create maximal impact within your drug discovery organization. This will be a highly interactive workshop with case studies based on how to best adopt advanced analytics to enhance drug R&D.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Learn of the step-by-step process in planning and executing a data-driven strategy for drug target validation and drug repurposing, from choosing the right company partners to gaining approval from internal decision makers

  • Grasp the significance of sourcing the the correct strategic talents to fuel data-driven drug R&D IT implementations

  • Master the data mining process to streamline drug discovery efforts

  • Discover how to translate genetic data to genetic targets for drug discovery

  • Understand the value of AI & ML for drug discovery including the prediction of clinical successes and failures

  • Get strategic and tactical guidance on your case studies

You will leave this workshop having mastered the design and execution of advanced-analytics driven strategies for drug target identification and drug repurposing.

Workshop Leader: Pankaj Agarwal, Senior Fellow, Computational Biology, GSK (former); Principal Computational Biologist, Biolnfi

Discussion Leader and Facilitator: Deepak Rajpal, Head, Bioinformatics, Translational Sciences, Sanofi

Biography: Dr. Pankaj Agarwal is the Principal Computational Biologist at BioInfi. He has 22+ years of strategic and tactical experience utilizing bioinformatics to enable drug discovery and create pipeline value. He has collaborated extensively with numerous pharmaceutical project teams, academic/biotech partners, and top informatics talent. Dr. Agarwal has 50+ publications in top journals, including Nature Rev Drug Discovery, Nature Biotechnology, and Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, as well as multiple patents. In 2016, he was among a group of select few scientists appointed as senior fellows at GSK. Dr. Agarwal has also served on NSF, NIH, FDA and PhRMA panels. He possesses a B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT, Delhi and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU. He is a founder and senior member of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). Most importantly, Dr. Agarwal is passionate about drug discovery, rare diseases, and helping patients.


Workshops Ticket Pricing

1 x Workshop - $300*

2 x Workshops - $500*

*Our pre-conference workshops are only available to those who also purchase a two-day conference pass

A great blend of topics around data-driven drug discovery bringing people from different domains close to each other.
— Martin Romacker, Principal Scientist, Roche