How to Build and Execute your Pharma R&D Data Strategy

The implementation of new data strategies and analytical approaches to inform better decision-making has become crucial in drug development. Pharma need to improve the efficiency of research and clinical trials. R&D, IT and data leaders are under pressure to act quickly.

“Garbage in, garbage out” is a widely accepted mantra. Yet at the same time progress in pharma is slow, in an environment that’s driven by tight deadlines. Innovation, understanding the value in change, challenging long-held beliefs, setting a clear vision/objectives, and building and winning the business case, are all critical.

Which is where D4: Pharma comes in.

This is the first conference to specifically help pharma and biotech companies build and execute a scalable, sustainable and future-resistant R&D data strategy, including innovative yet accessible new approaches, methods and ways of looking at the data life cycle that drive incredible value within pharma R&D.

D4: Pharma is a highly-select gathering of 80-100 very senior, experienced pharma professionals who are responsible for making important decisions, changes and turning innovation and new ideas into measurable progress. An incredible place for focused learning, intelligence gathering and senior-level networking.


The Agenda

Day 1 Topics - Business and Strategy

  • How to value data sets

  • Integration and interoperability

  • Machine learning and technology

  • Optimizing the new data life-cycle

  • Better execution and next steps

  • Big picture thinking

  • Culture and mind-sets

  • Achieving ROI & building value

  • Making data FAIR

  • Making & winning the business-case for transformation

DAY 2 Topics - Science, Practical and Tactical

  • Clinical trial optimization

  • Regulatory approval

  • Data approaches in oncology

  • Translational science

  • Macro-developments

  • Machine learning

  • Scale-up and data generation

  • Applied genomics

  • Emerging technologies



Senior-level speakers are confirmed from Roche, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Eisai, Regeneron, AbbVie, Biogen, Celgene, Takeda, Novartis, BMS, Alexion, GSK, the FDA and others, including innovative tech companies.

Speaking Organisations:


Why attend?

If you’re in a senior position in pharma R&D/IT/data, your time is precious. You need to spend it wisely. D4: Pharma focuses on creating value and intelligence/perspectives in an intimate, curated environment that you simply cannot access elsewhere. This is not your standard conference.

The agenda has been carefully crafted from research conducted at 8 boardroom-style meetings in London and Boston across 2018, each of which was used to identify the challenges, priorities and best solutions that are reflected on the agenda. Further interviews were conducted to fine-tune topics and decide on the best format to address each issue.

The result is a series of senior-level presentations and case-studies (from pharma and the FDA) packed into a two-day conference, and augmented with over 10+ hours of networking time, round-table discussions, panels and group sessions. No “death by PowerPoint” here. It’s packed full of engaging sessions where attendees are encouraged to be part of the discussion.

Attendees will leave armed with unrivalled intelligence, tools and solutions to take back to their company. Plus dozens of informal connections to help you lead the change process, make crucial decisions and execute on the near-term progress that is so desperately required.


industry-led reports

The agenda for this meeting was carefully crafted from research conducted at 8 invite-only industry meetings involving 100+ senior-level business and scientific leaders from 60+ organizations.

The reports from those meetings are packed full of first-hand intelligence on the challenges, priorities and solutions for pharma/biotech and the wider precision medicine community.